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Week #6 Post Reflection May 9, 2010

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My overall feelings about blogging were that it gave me a reason to really learn, and go into depth, about Parkour.  As well as my blog I also learned about many other students’ interests.   Before I started this blog I did not know anything about Parkour or that Parkour even existed.  By doing the blog exercise I learned a lot about Parkour.   The biggest challenge was in research because Parkour is not very popular therefore there was not that much information to collect on Parkour but seeing some of the videos really showed me how amazing Parkour is.   I really enjoyed writing about “why you should learn about Parkour” because there was the most amount of information and it hooked me on why I should learn Parkour.    I did enjoy blogging because I know other people are going to be reading what I wrote and it feels like I am informing people about Parkour.  Although I loved blogging I have other things I would rather do than continue writing on my blog. 

I did see myself improving as a writer over the past five weeks.  I improved my skill in doing research, before writing, and then using that research to have better detail so I could write longer pieces that made sense.

Week #5 Famous Parkour People April 30, 2010

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The famous Parkour person I will be talking about is, Sebastien Foucan.  He is is one of the founders of Parkour and freerunning.  Sebastien Foucan lives in France and is married with two children.  Most of his Parkour skills came from playing as a child and practacing Parkour alot.  Sebastien was one of the founding fathers of the Parkour movement.  Over time, though, Sebastien started to evolve his thoughts and movement and came up with a Parkour modified style and named it “freerunning”.  This was more based on evolving thoughts around improving both mind and body.  Sebastien’s believed in the concept of  ‘Follow your way’.

In early 2000 Sebastien was heavily involved in a serries of videos called “Jump London” and “Jump Britian”.  Freerunning become even more popular with the release of an action movie in 2006.  You might recognise him from the James Bond movie, Casino Royal, he was the man being chased by Bond in the crazy Parkour scene.  Sebastien also trains other professionals to better their skills.   

Personal information from http://www.foucan.com

Image from http://www.biocrawler.com/w/images/3/36/Sebastien_Foucan.jpg


Week #4 – Why you should learn Parkour? April 22, 2010

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Why you should learn Parkour is because it will change your life.  As soon as you start practicing Parkour you will view the city in a different way.  Walls change from boundaries to different ways of getting to places.  Instead of wondering what is on the other side of walls and fences, they no longer become barriers and you see the city different than you ever have before.  Roof tops and objects become pathways and stairways to new places.  Cities become a new playground to explore.

Parkour makes you get into shape and forces you to use all your muscles.  When just doing a single sport, like weight lifting or soccer, these only exercise a group of your muscles whereas Parkour training is a full body sport.  Someone who practices Parkour, regularly, is extremely lean and agile.


When running from roof top to roof top, and object to object you feel a sense of freedom.  The world has gone silent because all you are thinking about is the next move you are about to make.  Parkour takes away all the stress and negative thoughts in your mind.

I think you should learn Parkour because it makes you look at cities in a whole new way, increases you’re physical and mental strength, and you build confidence in yourself.

parkour-2I got some of my information from the parkour and freerunning handbook written by Dan Edwards.

Week #3 Parkour Comunity April 10, 2010

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The parkour community of Vancouver is larger than one would think.  Very skilled Traceurs (people that practice parkour) run local clubs and camps.  These camps are extremely respectful of the sport and all that join must have the right attitude therefore the sports seems attract positive, enthusiastic participants.  Simon Fraser University held the first parkour gathering, in B.C., on September 30, 2003.  Since this first gathering about 200 men and women have joined local clubs to practice the art of parkour.   This is the first year that our West Vancouver community centre has held parkour classes.  I am have enrolled in some of the classes and excited to try the sport out for myself. 

There are millions of parkour websites and clubs throughout Canada.  Many of them give advice and great locations to practice parkour.  Most of the clubs are in Toronto but that makes sense because Toronto is Canada’s largest city.  The parkour community in Europe is largely in Germany, Great Britian, France, and growing in Eastern Europe. 

Good Parkour websites:                                                                      Parkour in scotland click Scottish game of Tag

parkour B.C.

parkour Toronto

parkour London

Week #1 History of Parkour April 1, 2010

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Week #1  History of Parkour

être fort pour être utile” (be strong to be useful) Georges Hebert’s motto

Parkour has been around as long as humans have been around, it was used by prehistoric man when he was chasing or being chased.  Modern Parkour as you know today was developed by Georges Hébert.  He was a French Naval Officer during World War I.  Through Georges Hebert’s travels he admired the movement and physical development of different tribes.  In 1902 he was stationed in town where a volcano erupted and he helped rescue 700 people.  From that experience he learned to respect athletic skill combined with courage.  He started to develop a system for movements (Parkour) and taught these to others. 

David Belle, in the 1980’s,  he took Hebert’s teachings and started to develop modern Parkour which involved the fluid motion through urban environments and taught this to a small group of people who called themselves the “Yamakasi” (Yamakasi is a word from the language of Congo and means “strong spirit, strong body, and endurance”).  People who trained after the Yamakasi were known as the best in the world at Parkour.  They have all evolved Parkour into their own unique styles .   The term “free running” is a term mostly adopted in America but is still essentially Parkour. 

Cool Parkour video click here

Week #2 Companies of Parkour March 31, 2010

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This week I will be talking about all the different companies of Parkour.  Take flight is a Parkour apparel store that sells everything to do with Parkour.  The dress code of Parkour is awesome because you don’t have to buy lots of expensive equipment like other sports, all you need is clothing that doesn’t get in your way like shorts, t-shirts, track pants etc.  All you really need is a good pair of trainers.

Another type of company for Parkour is in the magazines and online information space.  There’s an online magazine called the freerunner, they talk about issues, training tips, good parkour clubs and whats happening in the parkour community.  The biggest buisness for Parkour is through training both new and old students.  Training occurs in dedicated Parkour gyms/clubs but as well in many local community centres.